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Web Site Traffic: Advantages of Dedicated Servers


The website industry is vast and diverse so to catch up with this there are various internet hosting services available but how do you know which one is right for you? That is where I come in to aid you in maintaining your website business by choosing an internet hosting service that would maintain the traffic on your web site. What are the types of internet hosting services available to start and dedicated servers?

The best one I would suggest is dedicated servers. Allow me to answer three questions you might have in mind to persuade you to get dedicated servers as your web host and those questions are as follows: Are dedicated servers fast? Who needs a Dedicated Server? Why Dedicated Servers?

 What exactly is this dedicated server am I babbling about? A dedicated server or dedicated server hosting is renting one whole web server or web host from a dedicated web hosting provider. Since a web site business needs a whole lot amount of space, dedicated server hosting has hard disk storage that is of really high capacity and you wouldn’t need to hire people to maintain it since its technical support is quite meticulous.

Next question: Who needs a dedicated server? If you’re making a whole lot of money, simply from your e-business or web site alone then you would need a dedicated server. Just think about the instances that your server would suddenly fail for a day or worse for a week, then that would be simply bad for your business which is why you would need a dedicated server or dedicated web hosting provider. Knowing this it would now lead us to the next question: why Dedicated Servers?

Think about these pointers: response times of servers and the management of site traffic, software and flexibility, scalability and security. With dedicated servers when it comes to the first pointer which is the management of your website & the response times of servers you alone would be responsible for the planning and managing traffic levels. These traffic levels and even other events you would need to manage, and plan would affect the response time of your server. You get to customize everything according to what you want which is another explanation for software and flexibility.

As for scalability, as the traffic in your web site would grow the need to upgrade your applications would be quite a demand especially on the amount of disk space to be used. Thanks to the dedicated server, hard disk space is more than enough for upgrades needed on your web site applications. Lastly, for security, the information you would input into a dedicated server is sure enough to be kept confidential and it would even include a firewall all for its use.

Other advantages of dedicated servers

Now that you know the who, what and why of dedicated servers allow me to give you one more detail on the advantages of dedicated servers and answer one last question you have in mind which is: are dedicated servers faster? I did mention that there are three internet hosting services available and that dedicated server is just one of them. So, which one is faster?

Dedicated servers are fast enough to purchase and upgrade applications you have on your web site and not to mention fast enough to manage the traffic web site. Since it would focus on only one client who would be you, a dedicated server is fast. Hopefully, the advantages I mentioned are enough to convince you to rent this type of internet hosting service. Now that I answered your questions, namely:

Are dedicated servers faster? Who needs a dedicated server? Why dedicated server? Let’s review what we learned, yes dedicated servers are way faster and you would need it if your web site creates a considerable amount of traffic plus you should get it because of the scalability & security. No need to hire people to maintain it, think about it.