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Cloud is mostly used nowadays by many businesses. If you come from the background of tech then you would know the importance of a cloud platform. Nearly 40% of cloud hosting is utilized by small and medium scale business.  Cloud hosting provides operational forms of improved collaboration for the better control of documents and resources and precisely to work efficiently.

The demand for cloud storage is increasing and hosting providers are offering the best services for the best prices.  Before choosing the best hosting solution for your business, check their key attributes like reliability, scalability, security and quality and also responsive24x7support. Get; the best cloud hosting Malaysia which serves all over Malaysia and in other countries also.

Cloud hosting is based on cloud computing technology which uses the networked infrastructure software and provides resources to users in an environment and the cloud technology is an easy integration. The users only pay for resources that they use.

Check the benefits of the cloud?

Flexibility – Cloud hosting allows you to customize the resources without the consideration of the cost. It is available according to the demand.

Cost EfficiencyIn cloud hosting, you only need to pay for the resources you are using.

Scalibilty – Cloud hosting is easily scalable to meet your demands as the technology which is highly scalable enables fast scaling resources. There is no manual intervention required as cloud automatically scales the resources.

Positive output The cloud operates on multiple connected servers. Instead of server, cloud balances the load, increases the capacity and eliminates a single point of failure.

There are many cloud hosting providers, but I would recommend you go for MilesWeb cloud hosting which is recognized as the best cloud hosting provider.

MilesWeb –

Starting their web hosting business in 2012, MilesWeb spread its wings in other countries in no time. This is because they offer a web hosting solution for every type of business. MilesWeb offers shared hosting, unlimited hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting,
DigitalOcean cloud server, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting services at affordable rates.

Have a look at their services offered by MilesWeb –

Complete Management:

Your cloud server is completely managed and secured by the MilesWeb experts.


 Your cloud server is optimized and enhanced to offer the best website performance.

Expert Advice:

Their experts will help you in selecting the best cloud hosting plan depending on your website requirements.

Server Maintenance:

MilesWeb team is highly experienced in server maintenance and so can manage all the daily operations and server maintenance. They look at all the server management and so, you just have to relax when you are hosted with them.

System Monitoring:

The resources of your DigitalOcean server such as CPU and bandwidth are monitored regularly by their team.  They monitor your system so that your website doesn’t get crashed when you get high traffic on your site.

Data protection:

All the files are constantly monitoring on the server to protect them from the web attackers.
The data can be restored as and when required.


The server is constantly tracked for vulnerabilities so that the spyware, malware or any unwanted traffic patterns don’t affect it. Security and configuration vulnerabilities are crucial.

Managed AWS Cloud by MilesWeb –

  • AWS Certified
  • Time Serving
  • 24×7 Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Optimization & Growth
  • Increased Productivity

You can see that cloud offers several benefits for business. So, if your business     is growing rapidly then you need resources.

MilesWeb Cloud hosting –

MilesWeb offers the next generation cloud hosting service. Their cloud can automatically scale any type of web application in real time without any downtime. With MilesWeb you get 100% scalable cloud hosting that is easy to deploy and manage, and cost-effective.

Conclusion –

Cloud hosting is an advanced type of hosting and nowadays many businesses prefer to get hosted on cloud platform.  Cloud infrastructure is very affordable choice that comes with easy to use control panel and many advantages as it handles large amount of data and offers high reliability.

I think you should try MilesWeb cloud hosting once as they offer effective web hosting packages that are satisfying the requirement of large-scale businesses and startups. They also offer 24×7 support services which are the best as they have expert team that can deal with the client issues quickly and sort out everything.