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A Short History and Types of Smartwatches


A smartwatch is nothing but a portable device that can be worn on a wrist. Like smartphones, smartwatches use touchscreens, record heart rates and vital signs, and offer apps.

The Apple Watch prompted consumers to appreciate the idea of wearing a mini computer on wrists. In fact, smartwatches bring in a lion’s share of revenue for Apple today. Again, for outdoor activities smartwatches often supplement bulkier devices.

A short history of smartwatches

Digital watches have been around for years. They used to come with abilities like unit converters and calculators. But in the 2010s, a decade earlier, tech companies started releasing the possibility of watches having smartphone-like abilities.

Apple, Sony, Samsung, etc. major players offer smartwatches today, but a small startup deserves huge credit for popularizing the smartwatch of today as we know it. In 2013, Pebble announced its first smartwatch. The startup raised huge funding and went on to sell more than ten lakh units.

Simultaneously, advances in the silicon miniaturization technology opened doors for all kinds of dedicated-purpose smartwatches. Companies started making smartwatches that were rugged and optimized with trackers and sensors to support back-country trekkings. Also, other companies released smartwatches for scuba diving that showed time at significant depths.

Types of smartwatches you can buy online

Basically, best smartwatches have two niches in the wearables market. First, a general-purpose smartwatch of the likes of Apple Watch. And second, most Android devices that blend form and function. The best smartwatches are designed to replace the traditional mechanical wristwatches and are heavily dependent on smartphones. They are kind of a support device for your phone you wear on your wrist.

There are vendor-specific types of general-purpose smartwatches in the market as well like:

  • Wear watches: Wear watches are designed and sold by many companies. They use Google’s operating system.
  • Tizen watches: They function on a proprietary operating system, which is designed by Samsung for its Galaxy line of smartwatches.
  • Apple watch: The biggest player in the market, Apple designs and solds Apple smartwatches.

The other niche smartwatch types include specialty devices made for specific-uses. They often offer a robust version of fitness tracker like a diving, hiking, and flying smartwatches. You can buy smartwatches online at Tata CLiQ.